Aug. - Oct. : Graeme Wahn (Vancouver)

Nov. - Jan. : to be announced soon

Region Västra Götaland:

Johan Zetterqvist, Katarina Elvén


Region Västra Götaland: 

Carina Fihn, Kristian Berglund & Julia Boström

air Programm MZ:

Zhu Jixiang (China)


Region Västra Götaland:

Camilla Engman, Björn Perborg.

air Programm MZ: 

Karo Akpokiere, Nigeria


Region Västra Götaland: 

Karin Karinson Nilson, 1.2.-31.4.2013, Martin Formgren, 1.5.-31.7.2013

air Programm MZ: 

Karla Marchesi, Australien, 1.2.- 30.9.2013 

Patrick Guidot, Charlotte Lepelletier, Frankreich, 3.4.-30.6.2013 

Emilie Pugh, GB, 1.8.2013-31.1.2014

Application Guidelines

Each year the Mengerzeile Association selects 1-2 international artists to live and work in our resident studio. We offer a lofty 90 square meter guest studio with a large work space with a living area and kitchenette, a separate bedroom and small bathroom. It was renovated in 1994 with the generous support of the Treptow Council office. International artists may apply for a residency of 3-6 months. The application process is competitive and based on the merit of the work sample and artist statement. Our admissions policy does not discriminate with regard to race, gender identity, sexual preference or orientation, religion, marital status, disability or nation of origin.

We regret to say there are no grants available for this space at this time and the rent must be covered by the resident artist. However, we can provide letters of support that you can use for your search for funding. 

The Mengerzeile Association has always promoted exchange with comparable projects in other European cities. Since 2004 we have hosted artists selected from the Cultural Council in West Sweden's coastal region Västra Gotaland. Japanese artist Keiyi Yanobe from Kyoto was the first resident from April 1994 until 1995. Over fifty artists from Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia have resided at the Mengerzeile Studios.

Successful applicants are invited to exhibit their work in our gallery Kunsthalle M3, in the last weeks of their Berlin residency, if times permits. 

Rental Fees: Monthly rent (heated) is 650€ including internet/not including telephone.

Required Deposit: 150€ refundable on condition that the studio has been cleaned and there has been no damage to studio property etc. at the end of the residency.

How to apply

Due to gentrification issues we had to close down our residency program. We are sorry that applications for 2017 can not be accepted anymore.