Kunsthalle m3

In 2001 a Mengerzeile Studios tenant renovated the dilapidated remise adjacent to the main building. The Swedish artist Thomas Henriksson thus realized a personal dream – he had set up his own gallery. His goal was to create a space which artists would personalize and make their own, unlike existing spaces which were often formal and unapproachable.

The first exhibition represented the Swedish artists Ulrike Segerberg and Miriam Vlaming (at that time unknown). During the first year Henriksson organized 7 exhibitions, largely with Scandinavian artists, after that a committee of 4 tenants was formed to further curate the exhibition programme.

Since 2006 the 152 square metre gallery has been curated openly – studio artists propose exhibitions and projects to the committee or submit proposals from guests to the house calendar. The resident artists put on an annual show (Haussalon) as do the guest studio artists – the gallery should also be viewed as a forum for new regional and international art forms. M3 artists are free to experiment in the space away from the commercial pressure and formality of the art market. Previous M3 exhibitors have been grateful for this freedom which enabled them to have a solo show in Berlin on their own terms.

In 2011 Hendriksson celebrated the art hall's tenth birthday with an anniversary exhibition which showed a cross-section of the eclectic gallery programme. The project had become a recognized art space beyond the mainstream circuit.