The Atelierhaus Mengerzeile e.V. is a self-managed artist's house with over 20 studio spaces spanning an area of approximately 2000 square meters. It is located in a former piano factory at Mengerzeile 1–3 in Berlin Alt-Treptow. Since its establishment in 1993, more than 200 artists from Berlin and around the world have worked there. In 2019, after extensive efforts and in collaboration with the new building owner, the long-term existence of the artist's house was secured. Currently, 39 artists from various fields, including painting, conceptual art, film, photography, and design, work in the artist's house. The organization of the house is overseen by the "Mengerzeile e.V." association, which aims to maintain a
continuous supply of affordable studios. Additionally, the association's work focuses on promoting art and cultural infrastructure, especially in Alt-Treptow, and facilitating collaboration among artists.


The in-house KUNSTRAUM m3 (formerly known as Kunsthalle m3) is an important component of the Atelierhaus Mengerzeile e.V. Since 2001, exhibitions, events, and workshops regularly take place there.